Creative and Reliable

It always starts with a room, doesn't it? Ours started with a shiny apartment. What started as a platform to showcase our personal work, found its way into something so much more. A community of artists, regularly coming together to create. 


From fiction to brands, we dig it all.  Once a project is commissioned, we're hooked.  And we're thorough. We will manage and execute your project from ideation, to pre-production, to all the fun on set, and nights at post. Most importantly, we understand that every product has its purpose, every film has its audience, and we abide by it. 


CCO, Co-founder

Ish is our in-house Writer/Director/Creative. With a global understanding of Cinema, he manages to think and create beyond available means. He's a hustler, and constantly hungry. For food and ideas.


CTCO, Co-founder

Pranay is our Magic wand. A Director/Creative and a master at Post production.  Curiosity is his biggest boon and bain, If he wants something done, trust us, it will be done. His wiggly ring finger makes him one of a kind, as a filmmaker and as a human,


CEO. Co-founder

This one's a talker.  And he's mostly talking sense. If you're listening, you're learning. Dhruv is our powerhouse. Everyone at Bake a film feeds off his energy. Producer/Director and a fine actor.

Dhruv is our vision.

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